Nostalgic toys

This Vine was made for a contest with Unpopular Now where the challenge was to create a Vine using some of your favorite toys. 

Summer Up

In honor of summer our team created a Vine using melting popsicles. 

all natural tag

We teamed up with All Natural Vines, a collective of Creators who keep it real (and CGI-free), to start a game of #AllNaturalTag. We put the red ball in the air, and they took it from there.

The game of #AllNaturalTag did so well that we put together the below thank you video showcasing a few of the Vines from the collaboration. We wanted to stay true to the All Natural Vine crew, so we decided to build a ball machine and shoot this all in camera with no post editing aside from cuts. This went on to win gold at AdFed – The Show for being a piece made for under $10 with a crew of a few. 

3d Chalk art

We teamed up with the very talented Shawn McCann to create this interactive time-lapse of a cold glass of lemonade being enjoyed on a warm summer day.

looping Roller Coaster

It doesn't get better than getting lost in the clouds on a roller coaster that never ends.

Musical Notebook

A blank page can spark some noteworthy ideas.  

Home run hitter

Baseball season inspired us to hit one out of the park with an animated rookie card.

Snow Throw

Created an old school video game inspired by Duck Hunt, one of the reasons 1985 was so rad. 

Fright Done Right

A sweet Halloween soundtrack, courtesy of the xylobone. We created a fully interactive puppet that could be controlled from behind a curtain. Jim Henson eat your heart out. 

Oh, and there is always time for a fun blooper reel! 


Vine is a social media channel that allows users to post 6-second videos that infinitely loop. Upon Vine emerging Target assembled a team to pioneer the social media channel. Initially videos for Vine had to be shot using an iPhone which challenged our team to think outside of the box. In the first week of creating a Vine account Target had 6,572 followers and within a little over a month that number had more than doubled. Currently Target has close to 70,000 followers and counting. These are just a few of my favorite Vines that I worked on for Target.

AD / DP: Mike Greenwell
AD / DP: Ryan Hanson
AD: Sam Anderson
AD: Mark Loftus
AD: Kelsey Miller
DP: Matt Sylvan
DP: Josh Lane
CW: Aaron Muther