The Magical History tour 

Art Directed a spot for Griffin Archer to promote The Magical History Tour. 

Target Vines 

Pioneered the new social media channel Vine for Target.  

Ninja Bread

A holiday themed stop-motion food fight created for Target's social media channels.

Best Buy - Wedding Registry

Provided custom hand lettering for the Best Buy Wedding Registry spot.

Assisted in art direction and as a developer for the redesign.


Created a pop-up-book cut paper style broadcast spot to promote The Pirates of Penzance.

Target Halloween 2014

Assisted in art direction and design of Target's 2014 Halloween seasonal campaign.

Canada Day

Assisted in art direction on Target Canada Day pre-roll ad for YouTube.

Target giftcard

Art directed and illustrated a Target GiftCard for the 2014 Holiday season.

Sota Shirt Design

Sota Clothing

T-shirt design for Minnesota themed clothing company Sota Clothing.

Target instagram posts

Illustrations completed for Target's Instagram accounts. 

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